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My Favorite Pins for the week of 2/3/17

 Pinterest is one of my favorite websites. I’m on this website at least 18 hours a day. I wish I could try every pin that I saved, but I’d probably be broke.

Pin #1 Confetti Valentine Mason Jars

I need this mason jar in my life for Valentine’s Day. I will be putting my favorite chocolate in it. Snickers!

Pin #2 Easy DIY Clay Dish

I think I want to use the air drying clay with this DIY.

Pin #3 DIY Lapel Pins

Pin #4 Cork Memo Board

I will definitely be making this really soon.

Pin #5 DIY Confetti Tray

I think I can incorporate this tray into my pictures for my blog.

 I hope everyone enjoyed my list of favorite pins. I would love to know what your favorite pins were for the week. I know I’m not the only one obsessed with pinning.

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